About Us

  The Union Group company (founded on 25 October 2004 as Soyuz Grupp LLC) is engaged in the national distribution of goods for children and offers a wide range of children toys as well as vehicles, outdoor and indoor games. Throughout the period of long-term stable operation, the Company has developed confidential and lasting relations with the largest network customers, leading on-line shops and reliable regional partners on the Ukrainian market.

  From the very beginning of its operation, the Union Group paid the most intent attention to the selection of brands for its portfolio, that’s why at the moment the Company is a partner of the brands widely known for their quality for a long time.

from 2005
Assortment: toys for babies 0-3 years old, play sets for boys, play sets for girls, toy cars, toy planes, construction sets etc.

from 2007
 tolocars, children's electromobiles, jeeps, motorcycles.

from 2008
Assortment: electric scooters, quadricycles, buggies.

from 2010
Assortment: universal prams and sport strollers, prams for twins.


from 2015 
Assortment: soft toys.


from 2016
Assortment: mechanical and electronic games.



from 2016
vinyl balls for children, balls-jumpers, jumpers as inflatable animalsand balls, and accessories for sports.

from 2016
Assortment: mats-puzzles and three-dimensional toy puzzle.


from 2016 
backpacks, sports bags, handbags and suitcases  on wheels.


from 2016
strollers and accessories for dolls.

from 2016
soft toys - bunnies.

from 2016
children's rugs.


from 2017 
Assortment: realistic pups.

   The Union Group distribution activities cover the whole territory of Ukraine, and the Company is always open for new cooperation opportunities and proposals!

  Principles of the Company:

 In its relations with both domestic and foreign Partners the Company always follows the following principles:

  • Honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Readiness to changes
  • Service

In addition, we always take care of our customers and offer ONLY HIGH-QUALITY GOODS!

Our strategic goal:

To grow together with our Customers and to provide each stage of childhood with necessary goods!

To grow and advance for our Customers and Partners, maintaining and improving the relations and the conditions of cooperation in the dynamically changing business environment!